1999 Polaris Snowmobile Service Manual 1999 Polaris Snowmobile Service Manual

1999 Polaris Snowmobile Service Manual (right-click the chapter you want and 'save as')

Models covered in this manual:

Model Model #
Indy 340 099LB3AS
Indy 340 Deluxe 099LD3AS
Indy 340 Touring 099LT3AS
Indy 440 XCR 099SX4CS
Indy 500 Black 099EB4BS
Indy 500 Classic 099ED4BS
Indy 500 RMK 099ER4BS
Indy 500 White 099EB4BSA
Indy 500 XC 099SB5AS
Indy 500 XC SP 099SP5AS
Indy 600 RMK 1.75"Track 099SR6DS
Indy 600 RMK 2"Track 099SR6DSA
Indy 600 XC 099SB6DS
Indy 600 XC SP 099SP6DS
Indy 700 RMK 1.75"Track 099SR7AS
Indy 700 RMK 2"Track 099SR7ASA
Indy 700 SKS 099SS7AS
Indy 700 XC 099SB7AS
Indy 700 XC SP 099SP7AS
Indy 700 XCR 099AB7BS
Indy 800 XCR 099AB8AS
Indy Classic Touring 099ET4BS
Indy Sport 099SB4DS
Indy Sport Touring 099ST4DS
Indy Super Sport 099SB5BS
Indy Trail Blue 099EB4ES
Indy Trail Green 099EB4ESA
Indy Trail RMK 099SR5BS
Indy Trail Touring Blue 099ET4ES
Indy Trail Touring Green 099ET4ESA
Indy Tran Sport 099SU4DS
Indy WideTrak LX 099SU4BS
Indy XCF 099SP4AS
Indy XLT Classic 099ED6AS
Indy XLT Special 099AB6AS
Indy XLT Touring Blue 099ET6AS
Indy XLT Touring Gold 099ET6ASA

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