Google AdWords Shopping Advertising Exam Answers 2023

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*Disclaimer: All questions below are from live exams within the month of January 2023. Using these answers resulted in 90% on the test, so they are not all correct. Double check your answers when taking the exam!

Q - Sally is promoting her online store that sells vintage goods and custom artwork. what does she need to include for unique product identifiers?

Answer is - Submit a randomly generated number in the 'gtin' attribute

Q - Product groups are eligible for the bid simulator:

Answer is - When product listing ads have been included in enough auctions or accrued enough impressions

Q -You would choose to advertise on the Google Search Network if you wanted to:

Answer is- reach customers while they’re searching for your products or services

Q – Nicole’s analysis shows that 5 brands currently in her “All products” group are performing especially well. What can she do to capture more traffic on these valuable brands?

Answer is – Subdivide by brand and set more competitive bids for the brands individually

Q – Product Listing Ads can be targeted to:

Answer is – only Select countries, listed in Google Merchant Center and AdWords Help Centres

Q – Which is a reason why Annie’s Google Merchant Center account would get suspended?

Answer is – Her landing pages lead to error messages or non-existent pages

Q – How are product groups used in Shopping campaigns?

Answer is – To organise products within a data feed

Q –  Suzie owns an clothes shop and has decided to sell her products online. When Suzie creates a Google Merchant Center data feed, what unique product identifiers will be accepted?

Answer is – ‘gtin’ and ‘brand’

Q – You’re currently targeting all inventory in one campaign through an “All products” group. How should you find campaign optimisation opportunities?

Answer is – Segment performance by various shopping views in the “Dimensions” tab

Q – Brian is expanding his shop to include antique goods. What should he do if there isn’t a unique product identifier available?

Answer is – Use the exemption attribute ‘identifier exists’

Q –  How should Chris estimate how a different bid amount would impact his shop’s online traffic?

Answer is – Use the Bid Simulator tool

Q – You should use multiple ad groups when you want to:

Answer is – Set a different priority on bidding within the same Shopping campaign

Q –  Michael was notified that his products were disapproved due to incorrect prices. Which of the following may have caused the disapproval?

Answer is – The landing page price is different from the feed price

Q –  How can Helen provide free delivery for a small group of promotional products?

Answer is – Update the ‘delivery’ attribute to a fixed delivery price of £0.00 for only the promotional products

Q – Vivian owns an art supply shop and traffic for her “painting” product group is increasing. What is one thing Vivian should do to optimise the performance of her painting products?

Answer is – Subdivide the product group and move budget allocation to the best performing products

Q – Bob is seeing low traffic for one of his product groups and daily spend is low. What could he do to help increase impressions and traffic?

Answer is – Increase bids on products groups

Q – Shopping campaigns use:

Answer is – Listing Ads created from product data in Google Merchant Center

Q –   Campaign priority should be used when:

Answer is – You have multiple campaigns advertising the same products

Q- What’s the best way to indicate in a feed that a product is on sale for a limited time?

Answer is – Use the ‘sale price’ attribute

Q – Multi-client accounts (MCAs) in Google Merchant Center allow advertisers to easily:

Answer is – Manage multiple domains with a single sign in

Q – Which AdWords campaign settings should Sarah choose in order to sell products to London residents only?

Answer is – Set the location to London only

Q – According to Google Shopping Policies, what can be included in promotional text?

Answer is – Text created from keyword insertion

Q – What should Brian take into account when optimising the ‘title’ attribute for his new line of bicycles?

Answer is – Include relevant attributes in the title such as brand, size and colour

Q – Merchants use Google Merchant Center for which purpose?

Answer is – Upload product data through feeds or an API

Q – Catherine is preparing to release a new line of toys that’s currently available for pre-order only on the landing page. Why is Catherine’s data feed getting disapproved for incorrect availability?

Answer is – The ‘availability date’ attribute is set as the toys’ release date

Q- Ricky is an online golf equipment merchant who just created a new Google Merchant Center account. When Ricky creates his first data feed, he must add unique product identifiers for his products. Which combination of ‘gtin’, ‘mpn’ and ‘brand’ is valid?

Answer is – Two identifiers from ‘gtin’, ‘mpn’ and ‘brand’ must be used

Q – Which is a required attribute when submitting a product to Google Merchant Centre?

Answer is – Title

Q- Peter has finished subdividing the product groups in one of his Shopping campaign’s ad groups. What bid should Peter not use for the remaining “everything else in all products” product group?

Answer is – A bid of zero

Q – What information do you need to enter in Google Merchant Center to create a Shopping campaign?

Answer is – Verified and claimed website URL

Q – Ryan’s shoe shop sells a variety of shoes. His “active shoes” campaign is reaching the daily budget cap by the early afternoon. What should Ryan do to get more traffic for his products?

Answer is – Increase the budget cap of the campaign

Q –  What is a best practice to reduce the processing time of a new feed?

Answer is – Divide the group of products into multiple data feed segments

Q – Which devices can Product Listing Ads appear on?

Answer is – Tablets,mobile phones and desktops

Q – When preparing to submit a new data feed, you should:

Answer is – Submit a test data feed

Q –  What does impression share indicate about a product group?

Answer is – It shows how many impressions your product group has received divided by the estimated number that it was eligible to receive

Q – The attribute ‘identifier exists’ and value ‘FALSE’ should be used for:

Answer is –  Custom-made clothing

Q –  To maintain an active data feed, you must update the feed every:

Answer is – 30 days

Q –  Matt is preparing for his shop’s big holiday sale. What should Matt do to make sure that the products that are on sale are organised on Google Shopping?

Answer is – Classify the products under the “holiday” Google Product Category

Q –  In Google Merchant Center, a target country is the country where:

Answer is – The products are sold and will be delivered to

Q –  Marie’s new camera product falls into two different Google product categories. What should she use for this attribute?

Answer is – Include only one category

Q –  In order to offer products in different countries, you should:

Answer is – List the products in the local language

Q – Google Merchant Center can be used to:

Answer is – View competitive benchmarks for Shopping campaigns

Q – For a Shopping campaign, you can use AdWords to:

Answer is – Manage and validate a website URL or

Q –  Custom labels can be a great way for you to:

Answer is – Subdivide products into specific product groups in AdWords or

Q – Which email contact does Google use to notify merchants about account warnings?

Answer is – Google Merchant Center technical contact

Q – Ruth is going to sell products that Google considers adult-oriented. How should she label her content?

Answer is – Mark ‘adult’ in a separate custom label attribute as part of the data feed

Q –  Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding should be used to:

Answer is – Optimise bids using converted clicks

Q- If a product doesn’t have an image available, you should:

Answer is – Wait to submit the product until an image is ready

Q –  To subdivide products in Shopping campaigns using your own set product structure, you should use:

Answer is –custom labels

Q –  You can use campaign priority to:

Answer is – Tell Google which campaign’s bid to use for a product when the same product is included in multiple campaigns

Q –  How can you lose your claimed URL?

Answer is – Another authorised owner of the website successfully verifies and claims your website URL

Q –  Which can you sell on Google Shopping?

Answer is – Used goods

Q – Google Merchant Center is used to:

Answer is – Submit product information

Q –  At which level can you add promotional text to Product Listing Ads?

Answer is – Product group

Q- May is in the process of expanding her shop to support more territories. May’s Google Merchant Center account was suspended after adding new data feeds. Why was her account suspended?

Answer is – The language on the landing pages doesn’t match the language of the target country

Q –  If Sam doesn’t enable conversion tracking for his Shopping campaigns, which bidding option below will be available to him?

Answer is – Maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bidding

Q- Why can’t Ellen see any benchmark data for her new Shopping campaign?

Answer is – There aren’t enough comparable products from other advertisers

Q- Google Merchant Center is used for:

Answer is – Uploading product data feeds

Q- You can use custom labels in a product data feed to:

Answer is – Tag products that you’d like to group in a Shopping campaign by values of your choosing

Q –  Jane is planning to add a popular brand of watches to her online shop. To help differentiate her products from her competitors, Jane should do which of the following:

Answer is – Use promotional text to highlight any deals

Q – When creating a file to upload to Merchant Centre, what format is accepted?

Answer is – Tab Delimited File Format

Q – What does Google Merchant Center use as the primary way to contact users with important messages, such as feed disapprovals?

Answer is – Email contacts listed in account settings

Q –  Ben is creating product images. A common best practice is to:

Answer is – Ensure that all images are high-quality

Q- Why is it a best practice to set a bid for the “everything else in all products” product group?

Answer is- To include items not part of other product groups in your campaign

Q- Product Listing Ads should be used for:

Answer is –  Promoting products online

Ignore this last part, it's just a test

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